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Choreography of Arashi’s Bittersweet - short interview with Matsujun

M: To date, Ohno has only choreographed album coupling songs and his own solos for Arashi concerts.  This is the first time he has choreographed for a single.

I:  Did Ohno-san volunteer himself for this project?

M:  No, No way he would ever do that(⌒▽⌒).  This single went through the usual processes & meetings before it was finally decided that Riida will do the choreography for Bittersweet.

I:  Did Matsumoto-san pushed for Ohno-san to do this project?

M:  Of course, My 1 vote was included in the process  (=^-ω-^=)


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Ohno Why you mean to Sho?

[My first time translating something so i know that my subs maybe 100% wrong but i tried]

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Do you like it?

I love it. 

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CM favorability as of January 2014, based from 293,866 reviews. The numbers were derived from amount of exposure from twitter and popularity of the CM.

2. Arashi - 954 votes/score, 12th the previous month
4. Ohno - 784 votes/score, 19th the previous month
8. Sho - 520 votes/score, no rank the previous month

SOURCE - yahoo japan

I didn’t bother to translate the entire article. I’m pretty sure we’re only interested in those 3 names there anyway and the article was mostly about everything else not directly related to Arashi :3

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Ohno, what have you done? (pun intended)

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Yama wearing matching sweater ^ ^

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Anonymous said:
Hi super random, but ive been a fan since 2007, and the past few years, i stopped following the fandom, and now i'm completely lost since all the usual lj subbers are not active anymore.. can you recommend any site where i can get my daily dose of arashi thats still active? pls dont give me stormy cause ive always been rejected even though i was part of the community before they made it private -_- -_- waaaah i feel so out of place please helpppp,



I have a list of communities here:

For subbers, I think the most active is bunnyandclover but the others didn’t really go totally inactive. Every now and then, projectpaprika releases subs, too. Just go through the list of fansub communities in the first link I gave and check them out.

It’s true that subbers aren’t as active as they used to, but they’re not all gone.

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Anonymous said:
do you know where i can find the video clip where they went to the beach?! :O please please please and thanks!!


Wait… what beach and who are the ‘they’? All of Arashi? A couple of Arashi members? Since they’ve gone to beaches a few times and not always together as a group.